What comes to mind when someone calls you and says ‘’IT’S AN EMERGENCY”?? Maybe an accident happened or someone perhaps your child, spouse, sibling or friend got into trouble. Well, that can’t be good, can it 🤷🏽‍♀️??

Using road accidents as a reference, according to research at least 1.35 million people are killed every year on road accidents, and this implies that almost 3700 people are killed globally in all kinds of auto crashes ranging from bike accidents to cars and so on. No doubt, accidents are like a global epidemic and sadly are as inevitable as they come. That being said, although we can’t totally prevent accidents happening to us or our loved ones because we aren’t super humans neither can we predict the future ☹️.

The one thing we are certain accident victims need other than adequate medical attention and enough time to recuperate, are their loved ones and family members.

So, imagine you witnessed an accident, and the victims’ belongings were scattered all over the place, after calling 911, what’s the next thing that comes to your mind? Definitely as an empathetic person, it shouldn’t be recording the gory scene and sending those photos or videos on social media (please if you do this, have ever done this or is even entertaining the thought STOP 🛑 ).

Well for me, it would be to probably get the information of the person and their family and inform them of the accident that just happened, because there is a great possibility their family members are worried sick and no one wants to find out about the accident or death of their loved ones on social media in an incapacitated and helpless state.

I’m sure you must be wondering, how do I reach out to victims’ parents or loved ones when I don’t even know this person…… yeah😌 I know.

Sadly😔, In developing countries, we don’t have the privileges of surveillance cameras at every corner neither do we have a comprehensive database that identifies all citizens either by facial recognition or fingerprints, so it might prove to be quite a task… but not quite.

Almost everyone uses a smart phone and there’s an easy way to help outsiders get in contact with your families even with your passwords, pins intact. And a great thing is not just your families, these people could help get information that could save your life. Information like your name, date of birth, weight, height, Allergies, genotype, blood type, medications you are on, your emergency contacts. And frankly not everyone is aware that they could put this information on their phones which can save their lives someday if need be.

Getting to add these tiny information or details on your phones, phones that you take with you almost everywhere, costs nothing but say, 10–15 minutes of your time. And not just when you are in an accident or need to save someone, these phones can also be set to send emergency messages to your emergency contacts with your last location helping them and the police find out where you are if it were an emergency.

The procedures to this are quite simple and I’m going to lay them down in a few steps;

For Android devices, ‘’Select the groups tab > Select ICE- Emergency contacts> on the top right of your screen is a plus sign to add emergency contacts> Select or add a new contact to the group’’ and that’s it, all contacts in that group will be available without unlocking your phone.

For IOs devices, ‘’Open up your phone settings > Health> Medical ID> Edit’’. And that’s it, you are done with imputing information about yourself that other people can access even if your phone is locked in the event of an emergency.



Thanks for reading and I hope you learnt something new to help you and/or your loved ones.

Until next time,






UI/UX design Student , HR manager, passionate about gaining new ideas, reading and making things easier. Trying my hands on writing ( hope it works out) cheers

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LizBeth Ezeh

LizBeth Ezeh

UI/UX design Student , HR manager, passionate about gaining new ideas, reading and making things easier. Trying my hands on writing ( hope it works out) cheers

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